Turbodyne SC


  • Duel technology Optics SECURES Turbidimetric/Nephelometric measurements selectively.
  • Lot specific assay Smart Card (SC) SECURES Master Calibration, Optimised Mixing and Accurate Reading of reactions..
  • Optimix mixer SECURES automatic onboard mixing of reaction mixture.
  • Curve Correction SECURES sample correlation.
  • Unique cuvette design SECURES optimised onboard mixing.
  • Disposable cuvettes SECURES no carryover effects, reduces labour and minimizes biohazard.

Technical Specification:

  • Principle: Turbodyne SC TM uses duel technology optics and is based on Turbidimetry-Nephelometry principle.
  • Optical System: Laser LED(650nm) and Silicon detectors at 1350 and 1800
  • Measuring Chamber: Temperature 370C±10
  • Electronic Pipette: For reagent auto start reading
  • Smart Card: Lot specific assay calibration with applications
  • The selection of test principle is through pre-calibrated SMART CARD.
  • Test Parameters-ASO, CRP, RF, Cystatin C, D-Dimer, HbA1c, IgE, Microalbumin,
  • CE Certified