System Type: Blood Collection Scale/Mixer & Monitor to collect blood from donors in the most accurate, comfortable & easiest way.

Technical Specification:

Accepts Standard Blood Bags available in the market.

Collectable weight/volume Range: 0–990mL.

Automatic Tarring to Zero (0) the weight of empty Bags, tubes & Anti-coagulants once loaded. This ensures accurate volume measurement of collected Blood.

Automatic Clamping of Blood Bag Tube once pre-set volume is collected. Audible & Visual Alarms to signal collection completion.

Setting of target collection volume (eg. 450mL). The collection volume can be changed during collection if desired.

Linear mixing system during & after collection to ensure excellent mixing of Blood & Anti-coagulant.

The Final Volume collected + collection time displayed alternatively once collection completed.

Configurable date & time.

Interactive service program for direct trouble-shooting.

Donor Safety Alarms & Parameters:

High/Low Blood Flow Alarm; Adjustable Maximum Donation Time (maximum 20 minutes);

CE Certified