Cobe Spectra ( Therapeutic and Collection)


  • Advance Microprocessor control system Allows customization of procedures to fit needs of both operator & donor/patient without compromising safety.
  • Both Single & Dual Needle Procedures Possible.
  • Continuous Flow Technology collects Whole Blood – separates blood components – retains required components & returns the rest components(with appropriate replacement fluid depending on procedure). Variable g-force produced by the centrifuge speed allows for more distinct separation of cells.
  • Procedures adjustable to all size & weight patient(including pediatric)/donor types(with small-to-large total blood volume or TBV).
  • Low Extra-Corporeal Volume(ECV < 170ml/min) allows for procedures to be used on even small sized donor/patients.
  • Wide Range of In-let Flow rates gives the flexibility to run faster procedures and accommodate even small sized patients/donors.
  • Automatic Anticoagulant (AC) Management i.e automatically controls the amount of anticoagulant (AC) delivered to the patient or donor based on patient/donor’s height, weight, and sex & thereby maximizes donor safety. The AC Flow rate can be adjusted between 0.8-1.2ml/min/L of TBV.
  • Rapid disposable loading, automatic Prime, Yeild Estimator, predictable collection and exchange results, clear alarm explanations and automatic Rinse-back.

The combination of technology, process control and sophisticated software allows for versatile apheresis and cell therapy use throughout your blood center, hospital, or blood bank.

Technical Specifications:

Standard Application Protocols:

Cobe Spectra Provides wide variety of procedures/protocols in one(1) single Platform:

  1. Platelet Collection(Leuko-reduced/delpleted)
  2. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange(TPE)
  3. Peripheral Blood Stem Cell(PBSC) Collection in Automated method
  4. RBC Exchange(RBCX)
  5. RBC Depletion
  6. Platelet Depletions
  7. WBC Depletion
  8. Lympho-plasma Exchange(LPE)
  9. Granulocyte Collection
  10. Mononuclear Cell Collection
  11. Polymorphonuclear(PMN) Cell Collection
  12. Bone Marrow Processing
  • PLT Collection:
    • Possibility to Collect Single/Double/Triple Dose of PLT(3.5 x 106 per dose) from a Single Donor(depending on Donor PLT Count).
    • LRS Technology to reduce WBC during Procedure. The Log reduction of WBC is upto “Log 3” i.e. the collected PLT will have less than 1 x 106 WBC. The consistency of WBC reduction is 99.9%
    • Detects RBC Spill-overs & returns RBC to donor to protect the purity of collected PLT..
    • Plasma may be collected simultaneously during a platelet collection procedure. The collected Plasma is also Leuko-reduced
  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange(TPE) Procedure:
    • Automatic Procedures with minimum Operator Intervention & Operator Flexibility
    • Customizable procedure allows procedures to be tailored to specific patient needs.
    • Centrifuge speed and flow rates are automatically balanced for optimal plasma removal and minimal PLT & RBC loss during TPE.
  • PBSC(Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Collection):
    • Automatic collection minimizes need to monitor & make adjustments during procedure. Automation results in Consistent Product Purity & improved Product safety with minimal operator intervention.
    • Dual Stage Technology reduces PLT Loss + Reduces contamination of product by RBC, PLT & Granulocytes.
    • Allows product to be visible & assessed for Sampling during collection
  • Donor Safety Parameters:
    • Excellent safety parameters to protect donor/patient during or after procedure.
    • Can set maximum Blood Volume to be depleted per-Donor/patient during or for procedure. For example: if you set max. removal of 15% of TBV, instrument will stop collection if removed TBV exceeds this limit any time.
    • Warning if post-Procedure donor PLT is expected to be under 100,000 PLT/μL or if the Total collected PLT or Plasma exceeds the total required volume. This allows the operator to reduce the expected yield & protect the donor.
    • The process control in the system monitors pump rates, fluid balances, volumes, and AC management for enhanced safety.

Quality standard: FDA certified

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