Basic Unit EVO LS15.LaB6 emission system, chamber with WDS capability, water vapour admittance, extended pressure operation to 3000 Pa, 5-axis motorised compucentric stage with software joystick, SE-detector, LM 4Q BSD and multilingual Win 7.

19″ colour flat panel display monitor

Dual Joystick Controller

Chamber scope with IR illumination displayed to full screen (stage door mounted) Control panel with rotary controls and keyboard according to UK language kit

Multi purpose sample holder

Dessicator For reducing the water content of vent air.

A collection of O-rings that are used to seal the EVO column, chamber, and detectors. This kit does not include: the O-ring that seals the stagedoor to the chamber; O-rings associated withdetectors supplied by other companies; or Orings associated with the industry standard ISOfittings on the pumping lines.

Centre Point and Centre Feature. To bring apoint, or area, to the centre of the field of view.

Specimen Preparation Kit Including tools and materials for mounting samples on the provided stubs.

Column heating jacket kit for EVO LaB6 for 208/240 V

AWD-BEAMSLEEVE-500 BeamSleeve with approx. 500 um field of view for imaging at the AWD. Designed for 1 mm beam gas path length including Through the lens pumping kit

A pack of ten precentred W filament cartridges and a Wehnelt assembly

One LaB6 Wehnelt assembly including aligned LAB6 filament.

CE Certified