FUS -2000


  • Fully Automated Bench-top integrated Random Access Urinalysis system Chemistry with STAT Capability.
  • Utilizes Flow Cytometry digital imaging technology ensures the user with objective results & genuine physical images.
  • Automated self-calibration facility.
  • STAT function for Testing Emergency Samples
  • Standardized urinalysis testing solution.

Technical Specification:

Sample Type: Urine
Throughput: 120 T/Hr
Sample Volume: Min 3ml, Aspiration 1.8ml
Memory Capacity:100,000

Urine Chemistry:

Throughput        :Up to 240 T/Hr
Test Principle: Photoelectric Colorimetric Test
Wavelength: 525nm,572nm,610nm,660nm
Max loading strips:200 strips

Urine Chemistry:

Throughput: 120 T/Hr

  • Flow Cytometry
  • Digital Imaging Technology
  • AII software

Parameters: RBC, WBC, Squamous epithelial cell, Non-Squamous epithelial cell, Hyaline casts, unclassified casts, Mucus, Bacteria, Yeast, and WBC clumps, Sperm.
Research Parameters: RBC information.
Quality Standard: CE & ISO certified.