Humalyzer Primus


Spectrophotometer Type: Filter photometer

Display: Liquid crystal display

Graphic Display: 240×64

Max method: 60 (47 fixed,13 free)

Results in memory: 2200 (Two thousand two hundred)

Light source: Halogen tungsten lamp 6V,10W

Photo detector: Silicon based ( range 190-1000nm)

Wavelength: 340-700 nm

Wavelength selection: Automatic 8-position filter wheel;
5 standard interference filters (340, 405, 500, 546, 620); 3 free positions for optional filters.

Half Bandwidth: < 10nm

Photometric Range: 0-2.5 O.D

Precision: 0.001 Abs (display), 0.0001 Abs (internal calculation), <= 1%

Flow cell system: 32µl flow cell with 10mm light path, interchangeable with disposable macro,  semi-micro or optical glass cuvettes

Reaction volume: 500 µl per test

CE Certified