Cytospin 4

Principal: Thermo Fisher Scientific (former Shandon), UK.


System: Centrifugal device to prepare a thin layer of cells on slides to be viewed under a Microscope.
Centrifuges any liquid matrix (especially hypo cellular fluid like spinal fluid, urine etc.)
 –Separates cells & fluid in matrix
 Capacity: 12 Samples at once
 RunTime: 1 – 99 minutes
 Acceleration: Low, medium & high.
 Display: Digital Display of Program No., Speed, Time & Acceleration
 Memory: 23 Programs can be stored in memory for instant re-call.
-User alarmed at one-minute intervals after process conclusion to remove specimens.
-Auto-locking outer lid is locked in position all time during operation. This allows the process to be completed without accident. 
-Excellent design prevents accidental fluid spillage & there components from damage.
Approval: CE approved.