Humaclot Pro


A bundle of state-of-the-art features combines convenient handling with safety and accuracy of results:

  • Random access work up of clotting, chromogenic or immunologic assays in from primary or secondary sample tubes
  • Auto-calibration, auto-dilution, auto-repeat
  • Internal sample barcode reader reduces the risk of sample mix up
  • Onboard color touch screen with an intuitive user-friendly software
  • Multi-language support of instruction manuals and user interface
  • Economical in use: minimal consumption of wash buffer and cleaner

Technical Specification:

  • Throughput   PT: up to 100 tests/h, PT/aPTT/FIB: up to 58 tests/h
  • TIC2 Technology for clotting, chromogenic, immunologic and turbidimetric measurement
  • Environmentally friendly: low consumption of liquid and cuvette consumables
  • According to HUMAN’s plug & run philosophy validated applications for HUMAN reagents preprogrammed, including D-dimer
  • Integrated PC and touchscreen
  • Internal sample barcode reader
  • 3 STAT positions
  • CE Certified