Axioscope -A1

Microscope stand “Axio Scope.A1” HAL 100, FL/HBO, 3x H, 3x DIC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            – lower stand part for HAL 100 illumination
– transmitted-light illumination for HAL 12V 100W
– upper stand part A-FL for HBO/HXP/Colibri
– objective nosepiece 3x brightfield, 3x DIC, M27

HAL 100 illuminator with quartz collector

Bulb 12V 100W Halogen Rectangular Filament

Stage carrier D/A; attachable and vertically adjustable

Condenser carrier with vertical adjustment on both sides

Reflector turret 6x man., changeable, for P&C modules

Binocular phototube 20°/23 (100:0/0:100), upright image with sliding prism, camera port with interface 60N

Mechanical stage 75×50 R with hardcoat anodized surface

Specimen holder basic for one-hand operation, spring lever left

Optical equipment

Objective “A-Plan” 5x/0.12 M27(WD=9.9mm)

Objective “A-Plan” 10x/0.25 M27(WD=4.4mm)

Objective “A-Plan” 40x/0.65 M27(WD=0.45mm)

Objective EC “Plan-Neofluar” 100x/1.30 Oil M27

Condenser, achromatic-aplanatic 0.9 H

Eyepiece PL 10x/23 Br. foc.

Camera Adapter 60N-C 1″ 1.0x

Epi-fluorescence equipment

Reflector module FL EC P&C

Adjusting aid for HBO/XBO

Filter set for DAPI (Chroma 3100) comprising 25mm dia. filters excitation filter (D350/50), beamsplitter (400DCLP) and emission filter (D460/50) (Metasystems Part no.H-0610-001-CR)

Filter set for FITC – Spectrum Green (Chroma 3101) comprising 25mm dia. filters  excitation filter (D480/30), beamsplitter (440DCLP) and emission filter (D535/40) (Metasystems Part no.H-0610-002-CR)

Filter set for TRITC – Spectrum Orange or Cy3 (Chroma 31002) comprising 25mm dia.filters excitation filter (D540/25), beamsplitter (565DCLP) and emission filter (D 605/55)  ( Metasystems part no.H-0610-003-CR)

Filter set for CMA

Filter set for Orcein

HBO 100 illuminator

HBO 100 illuminator with lamp mount and collector

Super-pressure mercury lamp HBO 103 W/2

Power supply unit for HBO 100, 90…250V, 50…60Hz, 265 VA

Cytogenetic Software for Karyotyping and FISH Imaging – M/s Metasystems , Germany

CoolCube 1 High Resolution Digital monochrome version USB Camera

RESOLUTION: 1360 x 1024 pixels (SXGA)
FRAME RATE: 15 fps @ full resolution
SHUTTER: Global Shutter, EXPOSURE TIME: 80 µs to 270 s
PIXEL SIZE: 6,45 µm x 6,45 µm, DIGITIZATION DEPTH: 12 Bit
GAIN 1 – 16, DATA INTERFACE: High-Speed USB2.0
Karyotyping Software for Aumotated and interactive karyotyping – IKAROS

Software package for the acquisition of metaphase images and
karyotype analysis. Functionality includes:
– Karyotyping for animal and plant species besides, humans
– Interactive and automatic background correction
– Interactive and automatic separation of touching and overlapping chromosomes
– Manual and semi-automatic count function ,  Zoom in metaphase and karyotype view
– Interactive and automatic classification based on built-in classifiers for G-, Q- and R-banding
– Ideograms according to ISCN standard for 400, 550, and 850 bands
– Combined karyotypes
– Unlimited log and undo options for processing steps
– Annotation capabilities in metaphase and karyotype view
– Flexible report form design,  Image management and retrieval by gallery images
– Image export into other applications in TIF, JPG and BMP format
– Integrated patient/case database with search functions
– Classifiers for human, mouse and rat.

CE Certified