Humanex A1c


High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) – also known as High Pressure Liquid Chromatography – is a gold standard technique in medical diagnostics and research analysis

Technical Specification:

  • Fully automated solution to determine glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in whole or diluted blood on a large scale. The gold-standard HPLC technology guarantees highly accurate and precise results.
  • Featuring simple touch-screen operation, a highly automated workflow, a 50 samples on-board auto loading capacity and barcode sample identification, the system is ideal for laboratories, larger clinics and diabetes centers.
  • Analysis time:
    Reading range: 2 minutes 40 seconds per result of HbA1c
  • Through-put: 50  samples capacity with continues loading
  •  Fully automated sample mixing system to avoid clotting blood sample prior the analysis
  •  Loading : Automatic tube loading
  •   Compatible LIS and other laboratory data system
  •  Minimal maintenance
  • No incubation time
  • Automated sample tube mixing systems
  • Integrated barcode reader for automatic sample identification
  • Measuring range 4% to 17% HbA1c
  • Simple touch-screen operation
  • 50 samples on-board capacity with auto-loader
  • The Equipment will be brand new and manufactured not before 2015.
  •  CE Certified