Axioscope -A1

Technical Specifications:

Microscope stand “Axio Scope.A1” HAL 50, HAL 100/HBO, 6x HD

– lower stand part for HAL 50 illumination

– transmitted-light illumination with attachment lamp for reflector lamp 12V 50W

– dovetail mount for attachable stage carriers

– 24 mm focus lift

– adjustable focus stop

– 6-position filter wheel for dia. 36 mm filters

– mount for 2-position filter slider 14×40, 36 mm

– integrated 12V DC 50W power unit, stabilized 100…240V AC/ 50…60Hz/110VA

– country-specific power cable

– upper stand part for HBO

– nosepiece 6X brightfield/darkfield, M27

-HD reflected-light illumination with manual safety shutter and switchable diffusion disk

-integerated luminous-field diaphragm and aperture stop

– dovetail mount for changeable reflector turrets and reflector slider

– mount for filter slider 14X40 mm

-Halogen reflector lamp 12V 50W GU5.3

– Binocular phototube 20°/23 (100::0/0:100), Upright image

-Stage carrier D/A; attachable and vertically adjustable

-Condenser carrier with vertical adjustment on both sides

-Mechanical stage 75×50 R with hardcoat anodized surface

-Specimen holder basic for one-hand operation, spring lever left

-Filter slider D 14x40mm, 2 positions for filter diameter 36mm

-Conversion filter CB 3,d=36×2

-Dust protection Set M

Epi-fluorescence eqiupment

-Relector turret 4X manual changeable for P & C modules

-Reflector module FL EC P&C

-Filter set 09 Shift free

-Filter set 15 Shift free

-Filter set 01 Shift free

-Antiglare screen

-Filter slider A 14×40 mm

HBO 50 illuminator

-HBO 50 illuminator with collector

-Burner Mercury -HBO 50 AC L1

-Power supply unit for HBO 50

CE Certified