PS 54


Temperature homogeneity is ensured by the use of open mesh shelving permitting free circulation of thermostatted air. An alarm is emitted if motion is not detected, alerting the user to the possibility of agglomeration of platelets. A shaking speed of 60 oscillations per minute keeps the platelets in constant motion during the 5 days of storage permitted according to most blood banking standards.

Convenient labelling of shelves combined with easy access pull out shelves make the PS 54 a pleasure to use.


  • Capacity: 54 platelet bags
  • Number of shelves : 9
  • Shaking speed: 60 strokes/minute
  • Specially designed for platelet bags
  • Low noise operation
  • Body and shelves made of stainless steel
  • Maximum homogeneity with mesh type shelves for air circulation
  • Easy access to platelet bags on pull-out shelves
  • Ergonomic shelf design
  • Information shown on the label holder for each shelf
  • Audible alarm if motion is not detected

CE Certified