Axiovert A1

Technical Specification:

Microscope stand Axio Vert.A1 – 5-position nosepiece, H DIC M27 man (2x H, 3x DIC) with 10x29mm slider mount – carrier TL illumination for HAL or LED  with 2 -position filter slider, d=32mm  – manual coarse/find docus drive  – 13mm focus lift with adjustable focus stop – Ergonomic intermediate piece H=50mm- integrated 12V DC 60W power unit, stabilized, 100..240V AC/50…60Hz/80VA

– country-specific power cable

Binocular tube 45⁰/23

Illuminator HAL for Axio Vert TL

Bulb 12V 37W Halogen for Axio Vert

Specimen stage 232×230 mm with hardcoat anodized surface

Object guide M 130×85 mm for Axio Vert

Mounting frame Flex M

Mounting frame insert Flex M, petridishes

Green Filter, d = 32×2 mm

Neutral density filter 0.06

Dust protection cover for Axio Vert

Optical Equipment:

Objective  A-Plan  5x/0.12 M27

Objective “A-Plan” 10x/0.25 Ph 1 M27

Objective LD “A-Plan”  20x/0.30 Ph 1 M27

Objective LD “A-Plan” 40x/0.55 Ph 1 M27

Covrglass cap D=0.17mm

LD Condenser 0.3

Slider 10×46 mm with fixed phase stop Ph1/0.3

Pinhole diaphragm

Eyepiece E-PL 10x/23 Br. foc


CE Certified