Hemoweld -B


HEMOWELD-B is supplied together with a comfortable shoulder bag. It’s portable and equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery pack. It can be used to seal most standard blood bag tubing available on the market.


EEC Classification as for MDD 93/42 EEC : Class 1 Medical Device

Reference Standards: EN60601-1: 1990 + A1: 1993 + A2: 1995 + A13: 1996 + Corrigendum: June 1995.

EN60601-1-2 : 2001 for EMC

Safety class: Class CF: it can be used with patient still connected to the needle.

Dimensions: 161 x 42 x 107 mm.

Weight: 1 Kg

RF output : 80 Watts maximum with auto adjusting power

Capacity: more than 500 sealing procedures with fully charged batteries and with standard tubing.

Working frequency: 40.680 MHz.

Class of Protection: Internal powered equipment

Type: CF

Environment of use: Temperature 10° ∼ 40°

Humidity 10 ∼ 90% RH without condensation.

Batteries: 20 NiCd batteries (total 24 Volts, 1450 mA/h)


CE Certified