Excelsior AS

Principal: Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK (former Microm Int. Germany).


Sleek new touch screen interface with intuitive operator software and capable for run both rapid
Biopsies & conventional Programs.

  • Reagent can be pre-heated up to 35°C minimizing tissue shock and facilitating reagent penetration.
  • Up to 75% saving in reagents compared to traditional systems.
  • Eight customized programs and eight flush options
  • High Throughput: up to 300 Cassettes/ run
  • Built-in downdraft ventilation minimizes operator exposure to hazardous vapors when the reaction chamber lid is open
  • Two independent remote alarms alert user when away from unit or after hours
  • Glass lid allows viewing during processing
  • Approval: CE Approved.

Microtome features:

  • Manual light touch rotary flywheel
  • Section thickness from 1µm to 500µm
  • 40μm specimen retraction on return stroke
  • XY specimen orientation with 360° z axis rotation