Spectra Optia (Therapeutics and Collection)


  • The Spectra Optia system is an industry-leading therapeutic apheresis, cell processing and cell collection platform that allows operators to spend more time focusing on patient care. This advanced system uses continuous-flow centrifugation and optical detection technology, providing operators the ability to perform a wide variety of apheresis procedures on a single platform.


  • Continuous Flow Centrifugation System
  • Color Graphic LCD touch screen
  • Built in automated protocols for Cell Therapy & Therapeutic applications:
    1. Stem Cell(MNC) Collection
    2. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange with automated fluid balance controlled by system.
    3. RBC Exchange with automated fluid balance controlled by system.
    4. Granulocyte Collection
    5. Bone Marrow Processing
    6. Platelet Depletion
    7. WBC Depletion
    8. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange with Secondary Plasma processing
    9. Platelet(PLT) Collection
  • Step by Step on screen graphical instructions for loading, unloading disposables tubing sets
  • On screen graphics for easy troubleshooting
  • On Screen patient’s instantaneous Fluid Balance status.
  • “Automated Interface Management” via In built high resolution camera
  • On screen camera image display during procedure for easy troubleshooting and procedure optimization.
  • Automatic Loading & Priming of disposables tubing sets
  • Automated Self test to ensure maximum Donor/patient Safety
  • US FDA approval for Stem Cells (MNC) Collection
  • Individualized Anticoagulation to prevent citrate toxicity
  • Low extracorporeal volume(ECV): 191mL for Stem Cell(MNC) collection
  • Built in Access & Return Pressure sensor.
  • Built in air detectors to prevent air embolism.
  • Built in ACD Detector.
  • Built in Replacement Fluid Detector.
  • Integrated Barcode Reader.
  • Integrated Sealer
  • Built in contamination monitor for monitoring & preventing RBC contaminations during plasma exchange procedures.
  • Audio visual alarms.
  • Printer connectivity for procedure data printing without interfacing software.
  • Up to 100 procedures data storage for easy troubleshooting.

FDA Approved

Learn More: https://www.terumobct.com/Spectra-Optia