Trima Accel (Collection)


Collection needs fluctuate—so you need flexibility. The Trima Accel system streamlines the collection of any transfusable component in any combination. It is the only apheresis system on the market today with the versatility blood centers need for full-spectrum component combinations—helping you to meet your collection goals with a single device. This flexibility and agility have helped make the Trima Accel system one of the world’s leading apheresis devices.


  • Continuous Flow Centrifugation System.
  • Capable to collect Platelets, RBC & Plasma concurrently from a single donor.
  • Built-in Automated protocols Multiple options for component collection from a single donor:
  1. Platelets
  2. Platelets + Plasma
  3. Platelets + Plasma + RBC
  4. Double Platelets
  5. Triple Platelets
  6. Double RBC(dRBC)
  • LRS Technology offers Log3 Leuko-reduction(WBC in final collected product is <1X106).
  • Automatic monitoring & validation of Leuko-reduction eliminating the need for external QC.
  • Platelets collected outside centrifuge during the procedure.
  • Integrated collection bags for Platelets Plasma and RBC (with SAGM port) in disposables set.
  • Automatic addition of PAS and SAGM solutions post procedure.
  • Single Needle Operation.
  • Low extracorporeal Volume: < 196ml.
  • Short Set up time.
  • Automatic Loading & priming of the disposables.
  • Auto sensing of the disposable set type to prevent operator error.
  • Automatic self test.
  • Short Procedure Time.
  • Configurable Donor safety Features like minimum post procedure Donor HCT, Platelet Count and Maximum Donor Volume Depletion.
  • End of procedure summary screen showing Donor post Counts for platelets and Hematocrit.
  • Configurable Product parameters such as Volume, HCT for packed RBC & Platelet Concentration
  • Built-in Colour Graphic LCD touch Screen.
  • Built-in Contamination Monitor to prevent RBC contamination in platelets.
  • Built-in ACD Detector.
  • Built-in Ultrasonic Air Detector.
  • Built-in pressure sensors for monitoring Access and Return pressures.
  • Upgradable to Bar Code reader.
  • Built in data storage facility for storage of procedure data for easy troubleshooting and data access.

FDA Approved

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