Gross-Star Pathology

Model: Thermo Scientific Gross-Star Pathology Workstation
Principal: Thermo Fisher Scientific (former Shandon), UK/USA .


  • Stainless steel construction. Fixed-height or elevating work surfaces. Hands-free controls.
  • Three efficient ventilation options.
  • Models with elevating or fixed-height work surface are available.
  • Elevating units have user-adjustable work surface from 33″ to 41″ (83.8 to 104.1 cm).
  • Deep sink with hot and cold water faucet.
  • Hands-free foot pedal controls for cold/hot water faucet, optional dictation system, and optional formalin dispensing system.
  • Optional camera, monitor, and keyboard brackets are available
  • For short distance, external exhaust models are available with filters and an integral blower.
  • Approval: CE Approved.