Humastar 600


  • Floor-Top, Fully Automated, Random-Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer with PC, Software.
  • Random-Access or Batch operation: Flexibility for any requirement
  • Automatic clot detection of Samples: No false results or blocked needles due to clotting
  • Automatic post-&-pre dilution of samples: Best results under all circumstances

Technical Specification:

    • Throughput : Up to 600 Tests/hr. without ISE unit
      Up to 770 Tests/hr. with ISE unit
    • Measuring wavelength: Built-in 12 -wavelength [340,380,405,450,490,505,550,590,620,650,700 & 750 nm]. Other filters are available on-request.
    • On-board samples [5 sectors x 19 positions each], 95 ID bar-coded equipped positions.
    • Reagents onboard: 72 mono reagent or 48 for dual-reagent in prepackaged ready to use vials; 72 positions for single liquid reagent
    • On-board 160 cuvettes [2-cuvette trays, 16 cuvette strips/tray, i.e.80 cuvettes/tray].
    • Auto washing: Automatic on-board washing of cuvettes.
    • CE Certified.