Axioscope -A1

Technical Specifications:

Microscope stand AxioScope A1  HAL 50, 6x H

–   lower stand part for HAL 50 illumination

–   transmitted-light illumination with attachment lamp for reflector lamp 12V 50W

–   dovetail mount for attachable stage carriers

–   24 mm focus lift

–   adjustable focus stop

–   6-position filter wheel for dia. 36 mm filters

–  mount for 2-position filter slider 14×40, 36 mm- integrated 12V DC 50W power unit, stabilized 100…240V AC/ 50…60Hz/110VA

–   country-specific power cable

–   upper stand part transmitted light with nosepiece 6x brightfield, M27

–    dovetail mount for changeable reflector turrets and reflector slider

–    Halogen reflector lamp 12V 50W GU5.3

–    Filter set D

–    Contrast Enhancing blue filter

–     Binocular phototube 30°/23 (100:0/0:100), reversed image

–     Stage carrier D/A; attachable and vertically adjustable

–     Condenser carrier with vertical adjustment on both sides

–     Mechanical stage 75×50 R with hardcoat anodized surface

–    Specimen holder basic for one-hand operation, spring lever left

–    Dust protection Set M

ICS Optical System


–   Objective “A-Plan” 5x/0.12 M27

–   Objective “A-Plan” 10x/0.25 M27

–    Objective “A-Plan” 40x/0.65 M27

–    Objective “A-Plan” 100x/1.25 Oil M27

–    Condenser 0.9/1.25 H

–    Eyepiece PL 10x/20 Br. foc.-Qty 02

–    Eyepiece eyecup

Trinocular Microscope

Multi Observation  equipment  for  Additional 9 Observers

-Center component for multidiscussion,  for tube carrier left and right
– dimmable LED pointer in 3 interchangable colors
(red,  green, white)
– wide-range power unit for line voltages between
90 and 264V AC, with country-specific adapter
– dust cover
– suitable to field-of-view 23 mm

– Adaptation set for tubes on center component for multidiscussion

Set of compensation plates, to be inserted instead of the tube lens of tubes/photo tubes for the main observer only,
consisting of threaded mount including
– glass plate, fixed
– glass plate, exchangeable
– attenuation filter, loosely supplied. Attenuation filter can be used instead of exchangeable glass plate for brightness compensation between main observer and several co-observers.

-Tube carrier multidiscussion for 2 tubes, end panel linear, left/right

-Tube carrier multidiscussion for 2 tubes, connect linear left/right

-Binocular tube 30°/23 reverse image-Qty 06

– Binocular tube 20°/23 upright image-Qty 03

-Eyepiece PL 10x/20 Br. Foc.-Qty 18

-Eyepiece Eyecup

Multiviewing attachment for additional 9 Observers complete as above
CE Certified