Shandon Mortuary Freezer

Mortuary Refrigerator/Freezer/Cooler
Principal: Thermo Fisher Scientific (former Shandon), UK.
Model: Shandon LMR-EO

Technical Specification:

End – opening refrigerators are the most space efficient whereas clearance is available at the front of the unit for loading and unloading.
Insulation: 8.9 cm foamed- in-place polyurethane ozone friendly.
Refrigerant: R404A; Ozone friendly.
Racks: Stainlness steel telescoping rack which are capable of supporting a body tray.
Doors: In-fitting, flush doors with magnetic gasket, perimeter heater in frame.
Exterior & Interior Finish: 20 gauge stucco-embossed aluminum.
Alarms: Digital, high/low audio/ visual alarms.
Capacity: (02-09 )bodies.
Certification: CE certified.