Technical Specifications:

“Primo Vert” microscope stand  with binocular phototube
– 4-position objective nosepiece H
– specimen stage 200×239 mm with  stage insert, metal
– binocular phototube 45°/20 (50:50)
– eyepieces 10x/20 Br. foc.
– transmitted-light illumination with 6V 30W   halogen bulb
– pinhole diaphragm and allen keys for adjusting phase contrast
– external power unit 100…240VAC/50…60Hz with country-specific adapters
– dust cover

-Bulb 6V 30W Halogen for “Primo”

-2-position filter slider for filters d=45 mm

-Interference filter green, d=45 mm

-Neutral-density filter 0.12 mounted, d=43 mm

-Objective “Plan-Achromat” 4x/0.10 for “Primo”

-Objective “Plan-Achromat” 10x/0.25 Ph1 for “Primo”

-LD condenser 0.4 (WD= 55mm)

-3-position Ph slider

-Phase stop Ph 1/0.4

-Objective LD “Plan-Achromat” 20x/0.3 Ph1 for “Primo”

-Cover slip cap D=0.17-0.6 LD objectives “Plan-Achromat” 20x

Photography Attachment

-Camera Adapter P95-C 1/2″ 0.5x for “Primo”

Digital Microscopy Camera

Model: Axiocam ERc 5s

Technical Specifications:

Digital Microscopy Camera AxioCam ERc 5s  with AxioVision driver, configuration tool and connection cable USB 2.0.

Sensor:   Micron MT9P031, 5 Megapixels, color, CMOS
Basic resolution: 2560 (H) x 1920 (V) = 5.0 Megapixels

Pixel size: 2.2 µm x 2.2 µm
Sensor size: 5.7 mm x 4.28 mm equivalent 1/2.5″ (diagonal 7.1 mm)
Live frame rate (depending on hardware and software configuration):
H     x      V       Frame Rate
800   x    600         max. 13

Digitization:   3 x 8 bit/pixel
Integration time:   10 µs up to 2 s
Interfaces:   1x SD card slot, 1x mini USB 2.0, 1x AV (S-Video), 1x DVI-D (HDMI)
Spectral range:   Approx. 400 nm-700 nm, IR-Filter
Read-out mode:   Progressive

Optical interface:   C-mount
Housing:   blue anodized aluminium
Registration:   CE
Ambient conditions:   +5° … +45° Celsius, 10% …. 80% relative air humidity, not condensing, free air circulation required

Standalone features:   Power supply via USB 2.0 or external power supply (optional)
Dual color LED:   Power on and ready for capture (green); Recording (blinking green); Not ready (red); Error (blinking red)
Integrated slot:   SD card slot for SD and SDHC cards
Recording:   Switch for image capture
Set new white balance:   Switch for new setup
Supported operating systems: Windows XP x32 Prof. SP3 and Windows 7 x32 Ultimate


CE Certified