NÜVE is one of the world’s fastest expanding manufacturers of laboratory and sterilization instruments with a steadily increasing product range. NÜVE was established in 1968 in Turkey and their products are designed and developed for a broad spectrum of markets including: clinical laboratories, medical research, biotechnology, agriculture, veterinary laboratories, food beverage and dairy, chemicals, automotive, aerospace, ceramics, water and pharmaceutical industries. The innovative and robust equipment of NÜVE provide customers’ outstanding service and exceptional value for many years.

Technoworth Associates Ltd. & Technoworth Analytical Limited has been an exclusive distributor of NÜVE in Bangladesh since, the year 2007. With this partnership we have been able to provide various industries in Bangladesh with NÜVE’s wide range of products. Some of the essential core products of NÜVE available in most laboratories include ovens, incubators, centrifuges, climatic and test chambers, dry and steam sterilization devices, freezers, laminar flow and safety cabinets, water baths and stills, blood bank instruments.