IDEXX Water, USA is the global leader in Microbiology Water Testing and their testing solutions are developed and supported by a team of experts. With Idexx you’ll find Easy, Rapid, Accurate tests for the parameters you analyze most often. IDEXX provides a full line of easy-to-use, rapid, accurate water tests that ensure water quality and safeguard public health in communities worldwide.

Idexx offers Microbiological Water Testing Solutions for Drinking Water, Waste Water, On-premise Water & Recreational Water. Idexx products are Designed to Improve Accuracy and, Simplfy the testing process helping customers Save Time and Money. Idexx offers Presence/Absence test & for Quantification Idexx’s offers Quanti-Tray Sealer Plus machine the results can be ready in less than 18 hours with less than a minute of hands-on time. Idexx’s Breakthrough Technology delivers Clear Visual Color Changes that make detection easy and accurate. Idexx tests dramatically simplify work-flow, saving time, reducing cost and increasing productivity.

Since, 2019 Technoworth Associates Ltd. & Technoworth Analytical Limited Analytical Division has been the Exclusive Distributor of IDEXX Water in Bangladesh. With this partnership Technoworth Associates Ltd. & Technoworth Analytical Limited hopes to serve many companies in the Pharmaceutical industry, Municipality, NGOs, Accademia, Research Centers & in both Government & Private Food, Feed, Fisheries, Agriculture, Cosmetic Industries with innovative and effective microbiological water testing solutions to ensure water quality and safeguard of public health in Bangladesh.