HACH Company was founded in the year 1947 and since, then their mission has been to ensure water quality for people around the world. HACH produces analytical instruments and reagents that are used to test the quality of water in variety of industries and markets around the world. Through their faster, simpler, greener and more informative products such as HACH Spectrophotometer, Electrochemistry, Test kits, Microbiology and Industrial Process Analyzers HACH caters to all industries that have a key responsibility for caring for the world’s water.

HACH’s headquarter is in Loveland, Colorado, U.S.A and it is part of the fortune 500 company, Danaher Corporation. Technoworth Associates Ltd. & Technoworth Analytical Limited has been an exclusive distributer of HACH in Bangladesh since, the year 1999. Through this partnership we have provided various industries in Bangladesh such as Treatment Plants, Municipality, Private and Government Universities, Pharmaceuticals, Power Plants, Paper Mills, Glass Factories, Fertilizer Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Textiles, NGO’s, WASA, DPHE, DOE, LGED, BADC, SRDI, BAEC, BSTI, BLRI, RRI, BARI, BRRI and many more industries with HACH’s complete solutions for water management. HACH provides these industries with high quality, reliable and innovative tools because where there is water there is always HACH.