Drinking Water Test Kits

Drinking Water Test Kits

The economical portable Hach drinking water lab (Microbiological Environmental Laboratory) for microbiological testing monitors key water quality parameters plus Total Coliforms and E. coli (using P/A method). The kit includes Hach’s portable incubator, Pocket Pro pH tester, Pocket Pro TDS tester, and apparatus and reagents for testing key water quality parameters. Microbiological media has to be ordered separately.

Potable Water Test Kits

Potable Water Test Kits

Hach potable water labs provide all equipment necessary for microbiological testing of Total Coliforms and E. coli using P/A methods, including Hach’s portable incubator. The kits also include apparatus and reagents for testing 8 key water quality parameters, along with a DR 900 multiparameter handheld colorimeter and pH & TDS Pocket Pro testers. Microbiological media has to be ordered separately.

Total Coliform Test Kits

Total Coliform Test Kits

Hach’s total coliform testing laboratories provide all equipment necessary for Total Coliform and/or E. coli testing in the field using membrane filtration (MF or most probable number (MPN) method. The kits also include Hach’s portable incubator and apparatus required to complete testing (e.g. sampling bags, thermometer). Microbiological media has bo be ordered separately.

ATP Test Kits

ATP Test Kits

Hach proudly carries LuminUltra’s complete line of ATP testing solutions. The LuminUltra product line is comprised of luminometer instruments (PhotonMaster, PhotonMaster w/Tablet bundle, Kikkoman Lumitester), 2nd Generation ATP Test Kits (Quench-Gone Aqueous, etc.), and LumiCalc collaboration and analysis software. Test kits are available for a variety of applications, including drinking water, organics, oil & gas, nitrification, wastewater, and industrial. In addition to instruments and test kits, Hach carries individual reagents, replacement kit components and consumables, and luminometer cleaning and maintenance items.

Prepared Media

BARTS Biodetectors

Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART) biodetectors are excellent microbiological diagnostic tools used to identify the presence of process disruptors. Find out if you have bacteria creating slime layers and limiting disinfection, or if iron-reducing bacteria are corroding your pipes. Tests for many types of bacteria are available, including sulfate-reducing bacteria, heterotropic acid, nitrifying bacteria, pool and spa bacteria, blue-green algae, and more.

Liquid MPN Media

Hach liquid MPN media (broth) is used for conducting the Most Probable Number (MPN) method of estimating the number of viable microbiological organisms in a sample matrix. Hach liquid MPN arrives in easy to use, individually-packaged glass tubes and is manufactured and inspected in-house. Regulatory-accepted methods for applications in drinking water, wastewater, ambient water, food, and beverage. A-1, Lauryl Tryptose (LT), EC, and brilliant green types available.

Membrane Filtration Media

Hach’s membrane filtration (MF) media is formulated specifically for use with membrane filtration methods, though some may be usable in other scenarios. Hach’s best-selling and innovative mColiBlue24 broth and total prepared media (simultaneous results for total coliforms and E.Coli.), other prepared agar plates, broths in tubes, bottles, and ampules are all available. Media types include m-TGE, m-FC m-Endo, m-TEC, brilliant green, m-Green, A-1, m-HPC, nutrients w/MUG, R2A, tryptic soy, and others. Applications include drinking water, wastewater, beverage, surface, ground, and well water.

MUG Tube

Hach’s MUG products (4-methylumbelliferyl-beta-D-glucuronide) provide a safe, prepared, and effective method of confirmatory testing for e.coli bacteria. Using prepared media decreases the risk of contamination and a false positive result. MUG products can be used in the EPA-approved method for E.coli detection, and are available with or without tubes.

Presence-Absence Media

Hach offers a variety of presence-absence (P/A) media to meet of testing needs. Hach proudly offers the EPA-approved 16-hour Hach Modified Colitag method, which is the fastest P/A test on the market. PathoScreen products quickly screen for waterborne pathogens associated with fecal contamination. P/A products with MUG, compatible with paddle testers and BART products, are also available. Hach P/A media is carefully screened for quality before it leaves our facility.

Total Count Media

Hach’s total count media media is EPA approved comes in several forms, including paddle testers, agar tubes, and soy broth bottles. Paddle testers are double-sided slides which attach to a vial cap and have molded-in grids for easy counting through the clear vial without unsealing. Paddle testers are available for total aerobic bacteria in yeast and mold, total coliform, and disinfection control applications. Heterotrophic plate count (HPC) media can be used to test for water quality in drinking water, distribution systems, and swimming pools.

Yeast & Mold Media

Hach’s yeast and mold media comes in a variety of types and packaging materials to suit your testing needs. Paddle testers allow simple and easy screening of samples, and are EPA approved for total coliform values with appropriate P/A bottles and media. Available products include mGreen, yeast and mold, and total aerobic bacteria. Yeast and mold products are rigorously tested for quality before leaving Hach’s facility.