M9 Portable

Sievers M9 Portable Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is the most versatile TOC Analyzer Series, offering a powerful troubleshooting analysis tool that can be installed online for continuous measurement or carried to any location in the water system. The M9 Portable is engineered for ease of use and cost-effective operation, allowing it to be used for single grab samples, with an optional autosampler, or in a process stream for continuous on-line TOC measurement.


  • TOC Range: 0.03 ppb to 50 ppm
  • Analysis Time: 2 mins/sample
  • Wet Oxidation Method based on Membrane Conductometric Technology
  • On-line continuous, Autosampler, or discrete grab sample
  • Designed for at-line cleaning validation applications.
  • Optional Stage 1 conductivity capability
  • Pharmaceutical applications: PW, WFI, Cleaning Validation, Microelectronics applications: UPW Loop, UPW Make-up, Diagnostics, Reclaim
  • Compliant with USP, EP, IP, ChP, JP
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance option
  • Calibration stable for 1 Year
CheckPoint Sensor

CheckPoint Sensor On-Line/Portable Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Sensors from GE Analytical Instruments allows you unsurpassed flexibility in measuring low level total organic carbon (TOC). It can be used on-line for continuous monitoring or hand-carried to any point in a water system for rapid diagnostic sampling and troubleshooting for microelectronics, pharmaceutical and power applications.


  • TOC Range: 0.21–1,000 ppb (CheckPoint Pharma), 0.05–1,000 ppb (CheckPointe)
  • Analysis Time Selectable: 15 seconds to 8 hours on-line mode; 10 minutes grab mode
  • Wet Oxidation Method based on Conductometric Technology
  • Enables on-line and off-line testing in one instrument
  • User-friendly TOC graph that indicates trends
  • Five-hour battery available for maximum portability as well as 100–240 volt operation for installed use
  • Application Field: Pharmaceutical, Hard Disk, Thin Display, and Semiconductor, Power (UPW, Cation Conductivity Control, Makeup, or Cogeneration Condensate Polish Control
  • Compliant with USP, EP, IP, CP
  • Calibration stable for 6 months