Flow Cytometry

Meet the new iQue® 3. The most advanced flow cytometry platform with a focus on speed from setup, to the acquisition, and analysis. To get you from samples to actionable results in record time.
The iQue® 3 combines a patented sampling method which allows for the fastest sample acquisition in the industry. It has the ability to handle 96, 384 well plates and enables continuous plate loading through connection with any automation system.

A new Enhanced Rinse Station (ERS) has been incorporated in the iQue® 3 which provides:

  • 48-hour uninterrupted run time before replacing reagent cartridges
  • Intelligent software monitoring of rinse station fluid levels
  • Warnings for missing, low, and even user-defined volume levels
  • Automated vortexing just prior to sampling for improved Q.C. results
  • Improved reagent cartridges with less evaporation and the ability to easily close and store if needed.