Sigma Family

Flexible Detection. 4-Step Workflow. Advanced Analytics.

Combine field emission SEM (FE-SEM) technology with advanced analytics. Profit from proven Gemini electron optics. Choose from a variety of detector options: you can image particles, surfaces, and nanostructures. Save time with the semi-automated 4-step workflow of Sigma: structure your imaging and analysis routines and increase productivity.

Sigma 300 delivers excellence in price and performance. Achieve your elemental analysis fast and convenient with the best-in-class EDS geometry of Sigma 500.

Count on accurate, reproducible results – from any sample, every time.


  • Flexible Detection for Clear Images
  • Automate and Speed up Your Workflow
  • Perform Advanced Analytical Microscopy
MERLIN for Life Science

Highest Beam Current in a Nanometer Size Spot

Based on the new GEMINI II column and the ZEISS Complete Detection System, MERLIN is the ideal solution for complete image analysis and characterization of biological samples. With the highest beam current in a nanometer size spot, MERLIN provides the fastest imaging of large fields of view at FE-SEM resolution, perfect for streamlined imaging of large samples such as cells or tissue sections of brain, kidney, pathology, plant and forensics.


  • Complete image analysis and characterization of biological samples
  • Fastest imaging of large fields of view at FE-SEM resolution
  • Streamline imaging of large samples such as cells or tissue sections of brain, kidney, pathology, plant and forensics
MERLIN for Materials

From Imaging to Your Complete Lab: Analytical Power for the Sub-Nanometer World

MERLIN with the GEMINI II column combines ultra fast analytics, high resolution imaging using advanced detection modes, and future assured configuration flexibility on one single system.
Thanks to the prealigned GEMINI II optics imaging setting such as voltage or probe current can be seamlessly adjusted across orders of magnitudes to match your application and sample with next to no need for realignment. Even novice users will enjoy optimum results. System optimization for high current density, probe currents up to 300 nA, and superior resolution at high beam currents, guarantees fast results in nano-analytics.


  • Resolution: up to 0.6nm (STEM mode)
  • Probe current: up to 300nA
  • Acceleration voltage: 20V to 30 kV
GeminiSEM Family

Gemini Optics. Low Voltage. Variable Pressure.

The GeminiSEM family stands for effortless imaging: get sub-nanometer resolution and high detection efficiency, even in variable pressure mode. GeminiSEM 500 combines proven Gemini technology with a novel electron optical design. Achieve better resolution, especially at low voltage. With 20 times greater in-lens detection signal, you will always acquire crisp images fast and with minimum sample damage. The new variable pressure mode makes you feel like you’re working in high vacuum.


  • More Detail at Low Voltage
  • More Signal at All Times
  • More Flexibility With Variable Pressure
MultiSEM 505/506

Revolutionize the Speed of Electron Microscopy

With MultiSEM you unleash the acquisition speed of up to 91 parallel electron beams. Now, you can image samples in the centimeter – scale at nanometer resolution. This unique scanning electron microscope (SEM) is designed for continuous, reliable 24/7 operation. Simply set up your high-throughput data acquisition workflow and your MultiSEM will acquire high contrast images automatically, all by itself.


Acquire Your Images at Highest Speed and Nanometer Resolution
Acquire and Image Huge Samples
ZEN Imaging Software

Mineralogic Systems

Mineralogic is a dedicated automated mineralogy engine designed to run on any ZEISS SEM with multiple integrated EDX detectors.

Industry specific modules for the Oil and Gas and Mining industries then allow you to quickly and simply interrogate your data, produce reports and gain unique insights:


  • Mineralogic Reservoir
  • Mineralogic Mining