Imaging Systems

Imaging Systems mostly combine traditional wide-field microscopy components with powerful computer hardware and sophisticated imaging technologies. These products are the right solutions for your highly automated tasks and subcellular investigations.


  • ApoTome.2: Optical sectioning using structured illumination
  • Axio Scan.Z1: Your Fast and Reliable Slide Scanner for Brightfield and Fluorescence
  • Cell Observer: Efficient observation of living cells
  • Laser TIRF 3: Single molecular imaging with up to 6 laser lines
  • Lightsheet Z.1: Fast, Gentle Multiview Imaging of Large Specimens
  • The NMI System : Analyze non-metallic inclusions in conformity with standards
  • Particle Analysis Systems: Simplify Quality Control in Routine Industrial Tasks
  • Smartzoom 5: Your Automated Digital Microscope for Routine and Failure Analyses