Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

Model: Spectrum Two

Features: Spectrum Two™ breaks ground in operational simplicity, combining superb performance with low maintenance design. True laboratory performance IR for everyday analysis is possible for everyone, everywhere.

  • Spectrum Two™ is easy to use, powerful, compact and robust 
  • Fully integrated, robust universal sampling for trouble-free measurements and portability options
  • Dynascan™ interferometer – Fixed mirror-pair interferometer design does not require dynamic alignment to compensate for errors.
  • OpticsGuard™ technology – Unique humidity shield design protects Spectrum Two from environmental effects, allowing it to be used in more challenging conditions. Our long-life desiccant ensures maximum instrument uptime, regardless of where your analysis takes place.
  • Atmospheric Vapor Compensation™ (AVC) – Features an advanced digital filtering algorithm designed to compensate for CO2 and H2O absorptions in real time removing the need for instrument purging.
  • Automatic Performance Verification™ (APV) – Optional feature comprising an integrated, fully automatic filter wheel containing traceable reference materials and software allowing for abscissa, ordinate, noise, ASTM, and USP tests to be performed
Spectrum Three FT-NIR Spectrometer

Model: Spectrum 3

Features: From routine identification and verification to advanced research applications, need the performance and flexibility to quickly, confidently, and cost effectively analyze a wide range of samples. The PerkinElmer Spectrum™ 3 FT-IR spectrometer provides the sampling flexibility and performance in mid, near, and far infrared ranges through a single instrument to advance research and new product development in academia, chemicals, polymers, and pharmaceuticals. The highly configurable platform provides dependable, consistent, and trouble-free operation through years of service.

  • Exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and photometric performance
  • Characterize fast reactions with scan speed up to 100 scans/sec
  • Simplified TG-IR hyphenation experience from a single vendor
  • Upgradeable to IR microscopy and imaging
  • Use in Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals, Chemicals & materials, Polymers and Academia
Spectrum Two N FT-NIR Spectrometer

Model: Spectrum Two N

Features: Spectrum Two N systems are suited to a wide range of applications. Whatever your specific NIR application needs, in or out of the lab, the Spectrum Two N delivers outstanding performance and reliability to provide high-performance, dependable NIR measurement solutions.

  • Standard, high-performance, room-temperature LiTaO3 (lithium tantalate) NIR detector
  • Optional, high-sensitivity, temperature stabilized InGaAs detector for use in quantitative, low light applications
  • Standard Atmospheric Vapor Compensation (AVC), Absolute Virtual Instrument (AVI), and Automatic Performance Verification (APV) for accurate and reproducible results anywhere
  • Optional Spectrum Two N Portability Pack enabling wireless connectivity, battery powered operation, and convenient transport with the dedicated Spectrum Two N carry case
FT-IR Microscopy & Imaging Systems

Model: Spotlight 200i

Features: PerkinElmer infrared imaging and microscopy systems are the culmination of a long PerkinElmer tradition of exceptional optics and purpose-built IR microscopes and FT-IR systems. There are no add-ons or afterthoughts here. Renowned for their sensitivity, spatial resolution, ease of use, and results, they’re engineered to the highest quality specifications and ISO-9000 standards and deliver the highest levels of throughput, reproducibility, and accuracy. So you’re able to analyze even the smallest sample with pinpoint precision.
It’s simply the industry’s broadest infrared instrument range and covers all modes – transmission, reflectance, and micro- and macro-Attenuated Reflectance (ATR). It’s also one of the easiest to use, even for nonprofessionals, with no (or minimal) manual adjustments necessary. And you can even get unattended operation if you need it. Nothing could be simpler.

Lambda-265 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (Single Beam)

Model: LAMBDA 265


  • Its photodiode array (PDA) detector enables data to be acquired simultaneously across the full wavelength range – from 190 nm to 1100 nm.
  • The LAMBDA 265 system’s robust modular design, with no moving parts, is ideal for any busy lab.
  • The high energy Xenon flash lamp is active only when spectrum is being acquired and provides years of worry-free operation and low cost of ownership.
  • The system’s compact size makes it simple to move it to any location where it might be needed.
Lambda-365 Plus UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (Double Beam)

Model: LAMBDA 365+ (Double Beam)

Features: The LAMBDA™ 365 delivers state-of-the-art UV Vis performance that meets the needs of pharmaceuticals, analytic chemists, geneticists, and manufacturing QA/QC analysts everywhere. With 21 CFR part 11 compliant software available, the LAMBDA system is ready to support everything from standard methods and applications to those requiring regulatory compliance

  • The system delivers a variable spectral bandwidth capability from 0.5 nm to 20 nm, to meet application needs.
  • When high stability and low stray light are critical, the LAMBDA 365 double-beam technology is the ideal solution.
  • The large sample compartment can easily accommodate more than 10 sampling accessory combinations.
  • Easy-to-install accessories minimize setup time and effort, and multicell changers are auto aligned by the instrument software to optimize the sample position for the best results in a wide range of routine applications.
PerkinElmer Lambda-465 Plus UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Model: LAMBDA 465


  • Its PDA technology allows the acquisition of a full spectrum – from 1100 nm to 190 nm – in as little as 20 msec.
  • The system has 1-nm Optical resolution, allowing it to meet the requirements of a number of pharmacopoeias.
  • With 21 CFR part 11 compliant software, it’s an ideal solution for dissolution, fast kinetics, and other applications where high-speed scanning and high resolution are required.
  • It’s perfect for method development and sample analysis, too.
Lambda 850 Plus UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Model: LAMBDA 850+

Features: Choose the LAMBDA 850+ for ultra-high UV/Vis performance for wavelengths between 175 nm and 900 nm, for applications such as sun protection, reflectance properties of flat panel display screens, paint films, transmission and reflectance characterization of glass and solar cells.

  • Universal Reflectance Accessory – Remove the standard detector and snap in this innovative accessory for automatically measuring sample angles
  • Total Absolute Measurement System – The Total Absolute Measurement System (TAMS) provides the highest degree of flexibility and accuracy in measuring specular, as well as diffuse transmission, and reflectance capabilities, with upgradeable detector configuration
  • General-Purpose Optical Bench – Swap in our GPOB to accommodate larger samples such as lenses, beamsplitters and optics
  • Dual sampling compartments offer more options and unmatched sample compartment size
  • compliance with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations
  • Integrating spheres to 150mm
Lambda 1050 Plus UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer

Model: LAMBDA 1050+

Features:The high-performance LAMBDA 1050+ offers unmatched flexibility by providing you the choice to configure systems to suit your needs. From selection of detectors to accessories that provide the most convenient and flexible approach to sampling than any other UV/Vis/NIR system available.

  • The industry’s largest sample compartments for more sample maneuverability and quick installation of various accessories
  • Snap-in integrating spheres to capture diffuse and specular reflectance. Available in 100 and 150 mm, with 8° reflectance and center mount capability
  • Universal Reflectance Accessory with dual Si and InGaAs detectors for automated, precise and reproducible angle adjustments
  • Pol/Depol Drive Unit for automatic control of polarized or depolarized light via PC
  • Dual Sampling Compartment – The LAMBDA 1050+ can be configured with two large sampling compartments for twice the flexibility. Use one for standard reflectance or transmission tests, and the other for more specific customizable applications
  • Higher sensitivity – Double mirrors that offer better signal for greater sensitivity to accurately characterize your samples.
Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Model: FL 6500 & FL 8500

Features: PerkinElmer’s Fluorescence spectrophotometry technology reliably meets the challenges of bioscience, industrial, chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and academic applications. Rapid scanning increases sample throughput and maximizes your productivity.

  • High resolution and High scan speed
  • 4 collection modes on one instrument: Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Chemi/Bio-Luminescence, and Time Resolved Phosphorescence measurements
  • Superior wavelength accuracy and reproducibility for right first-time results