Gas Chromatography
  • GC Column and associated accessories
  • Vials, Cap and septa
  • Syringes and syringe accessories
  • Ferrules and connectors
  • Injectors, liners and adapters
  • Autosampler parts and accessories
Atomic Spectroscopy
  • Inorganic and internal Standard
  • Lamps, sample introduction kits and torch modules
  • Nebulizers and spray chamber
  • Injectors and adapters
  • Burners, filters and regulators
  • Flow injection supplies
Molecular Spectroscopy and Thermal
  • Application packs
  • Validation kits and calibration materials
  • Cells and cell holders
  • Samples pan, cover and crimpers
  • Integrating sphere and reflectance accessories
  • Desiccant and laser kits
  • Elemental analysis consumables