GE Whatman is a part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences and the companies headquarter is situated in USA; the brand GE Whatman specializes in manufacturing world renowned laboratory filtration products and for developing separation technologies. GE Whatman offers users with high quality products from Filter Papers, Membranes to innovative technologies for Sample Collection and Preparation. GE Whatman continues to reduce the amount of waste in consumables and FTA products which has revolutionized the Collection, Transportation, Storage, and Purification of DNA at Room Temperature so that one can get on with what matter by pushing the limits in fields such as Genomics, Forensics, and Human Identification, and progressing your research towards powerful and accurate conclusions.

The vast product portfolio of GE Whatman Empowers Researchers with the innovative tools and analytics required for conducting research and for developing tomorrow’s therapeutics. GE Whatman products also drive Productivity for the Biopharmaceutical industry by creating and manufacturing capacity in under-served markets. GE Whatman products Enable accurate diagnoses by providing advanced in vivo imaging agents & in-vitro diagnostics. The vast and unique product portfolio of GE Whatman helps create the future of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy for customers by providing them with novel tools, technologies and advanced methods. Technoworth Associates Ltd. has been a distributor of GE Whatman in Bangladesh since, the year 2017.