Charles River was founded in the year 1947 and the company’s headquarter is situated in Wilmington, MA, U.S.A. Charles River, is a leading producer and distributer of Endotoxin Testing Kits, Reagents, Software, Accessories, Instruments to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, government and academic organizations worldwide. The endotoxin test is the first and only major FDA-validated in vitro alternative to an animal model test.Charles River has been a pioneer in ensuring consumer safety and end product quality with solutions for detecting Endotoxin to track and ensure product sterility & safety worldwide. Charles River has purposely built their portfolio of FDA-licensed products for rapid and traditional bacterial endotoxin testing to reduce retest rates and improve turnaround times so customers can make prompt, confident decisions about the safety of their products.

Technoworth Associates Ltd. Analytical Division has been an exclusive distributor of Charles River in Bangladesh since, the year 2017. With this partnership Technoworth Associates Ltd. Analytical Division will be able to provide innovative and effective services such as LAL Reagents, Instruments, Software to face major challenges for end product quality control & sterility testing in Bangladesh. Charles River is a global provider and innovator in endotoxin and has developed the next generation of the portable endotoxin-testing platform, known as the Endosafe Portable Testing System (Endosafe®-PTS™); which allows endotoxin testing in the field. This provides researchers accurate and timely results outside of the laboratory for example non-regulated applications, ranging from drug research and development to environmental monitoring.