HiMedia is amongst the top three brands in microbiology in the world. HiMedia, is a company established in India by professionals and technologists for manufacturing high quality culture media for microbiology and they have over the years created a rich portfolio of exemplar quality products. HiMedia possesses world-class hi-tech knowhow for manufacturing a complete range of chromogenic and HiVeg™ media products. HiMedia has the broadest range of Vegetable Hydrolysate based microbiology culture media (HiVeg™), in the world. HiMedia also produces products in the fields of Animal Cell Culture, Plant Tissue Culture and Molecular Biology.

Technoworth Associates Ltd. has been an exclusive distributor of HiMedia in Bangladesh since 2011. With this partnership we continue to provide pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage industries, biotech industries, tissue culture laboratories, testing laboratories, poultry laboratories, universities, and many research institutions with wide range of ultra-pure products offered by Himedia.