Pharma Test develops, produces, installs and maintains instruments designed for the pharmaceutical industry. Any pharmaceutical production line requires regular testing of physical properties and active ingredient content. Since its establishment in 1979, Pharma Test has been synonymous with the development and production of high quality test devices and systems for quality testing tablets, capsules, suppositories, ampoules, bulk materials and other solid formats. Pharma Test offers a complete product range from manual devices for physical testing to fully automated analytical test systems to analyze the chemical composition of a drug. The Analytical Instruments of Pharma Test includes tablet dissolution and dissolution media preparation instruments and systems. The Galenical instruments include tablet disintegration, friability, hardness and powder testing instruments. All instruments of Pharma Test are fully compliant to relevant Pharmacopeia.

The headquarter of Pharma Test is situated in Hainburg, Germany. Since, 2003 Technoworth Associates Ltd. has been an exclusive distributor of Pharma Test in Bangladesh. Pharma Test supplies and supports a world wide market with hardware and software products which find application in the development, formulation and quality assurance departments for the production of tablets, capsules, suppositories, ampoules and various other solid dosage forms. Pharma Test’s quality control instruments help develop and produce other products such as medicines, which are ultimately for the benefit of all mankind.