Controllers & Sensors

Model: sc1000 Controller

The Hach sc1000 Multi-parameter Universal Controller is a state-of-the-art modular controller system.

  • Use it directly with up to 8 sensors or network several together to accommodate many more sensors and parameters
  • An easy to use interface and large color touch-screen display that can be used for any number of parameters
  • The Display Module is also available with GSM/GPRS, ethernet and TCP/IP capability
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Controllers & Sensors

Model: sc200 Controller

The sc200 Universal Controller is the most versatile controller on the market.

  • The sc200 controller can be configured to operate two digital sensor inputs, two analog sensor inputs, or a combination of one digital and one analog input.
  • Customers may add communication modules for a variety of protocols including MODBUS 232/485, Profibus DPV1, and HART.

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Ammonium Sensors

Model: AN-ISE sc Sensors

Hach's digital AN-ISE sc Combination Sensor for Ammonium and Nitrate carries out continuously direct measurements using an ion-selective electrode.

  • No need for reagents or sample preparation.
  • AN-ISE sc Sensors can be connected to all SC controllers, providing versatile output options including 4-20 mA Output, Modbus RS485, Profibus, or HART.
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pH/ORP Sensors

Model: 3/4 in Combination pH/ORP Sensors

These combination sensors are designed for specialty applications for immersion or in-line mounting.

  • The reference cell features a double-junction design for extended service life, and a built-in solution ground.
  • The body is molded from chemically-resistant Ryton® or PVDF, and the reference junction is coaxial porous Teflon®.
  • All sensors are rated 0 to 105 ºC up to 100 psig, and have integral 4.5 m (15 ft.) cables with tinned leads.
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Digital Differential pH & ORP Sensors

Model: Digital Differential pH Sensors

General Purpose Online Process pH Sensor with Integrated Digital Electronics for "Plug and Play" with Hach sc Digital Controllers - pHD Technology, Glass pH Electrode, PEEK Housing, Sanitary Mount, 10m Cable


  • Exceptional Process pH Sensor Performance with the Differential Electrode pHD Measurement Technique
  • Lower Maintenance Needs with the Double Junction Salt Bridge
  • Extended Working Life with the Replaceable Salt Bridge/Protector
  • Reliability with Built-in Encapsulated Preamp
  • Patented Technology

Nitrate Sensors

The Nitrataxsc Family includes digital, optical probes for the high precision determination of nitrate concentration directly in the medium. - Featuring a high degree of accuracy due to direct UV measurement, without cross sensitivities, Nitrataxsc

  • The low maintenance, reagent-free optical probes offer a broad application spectrum, thanks to turbidity compensation and self-cleaning even for sludge applications.
  • Nitrataxsc Sensors can be connected to all SC controllers, providing versatile output options including 4-20 mA Output, Modbus RS485, Profibus, or HART.
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Hand Held Flow Meter

The FH950 Handheld Flow Meter is the perfect handheld solution for wastewater and environmental flowmonitoring.

Designed for use in both environmental and sewer/wastewater flow measurement scenarios—whether you’re profiling streams and rivers or providing redundant verification of wastewater flow data—even the smallest hassles have been addressed. And the result for you? Massive time savings.

From the field to the office, the Hach FH950 increases your efficiency at every turn.

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Flow Sensors

The U53 Ultrasonic Sensor requires no maintenance and is designed to provide years of uninterrupted service.

To minimize temperature effects, it has a short blocking distance or less than 10 inches (250 mm) so the sensor can be installed close to the water surface.

Measuring Range: Depth: 0.82 - 19.68 ft. (0.25 - 6.0 m). Air Temperature: -40 to 176° F (-40 to +80° C).Maintenance Free Sensor

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Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Hach’s next generation LDO® (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen) Probe requires no calibration for the entire 2 year life of the sensor cap, which means it is ready to start measuring your DO (Dissolved Oxygen) right out of the box.


  • No Calibration Required
  • No Membranes to Replace
  • No Missed Cleaning Cycles
  • No Drift
  • No Complications

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Oil In Water Sensors

The FP 360 sc is specifically designed to detect traces of mineral oils in water while providing the necessary value and benefits for a positive return on investment. The sensor monitors surface water, process water and industrial water continuously. It has a submersible probe design. No tubes, pumps or valves - simply wipe off the sensor's measurement window. Calibrate once every two years. Available in stainless steel or titanium.


  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • The Right Technology for the Right Price
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Reduced Laboratory Testing
  • High Sensitivity and Selectivity

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Sludge Level Sensors

Optimize sludge extraction, manage recirculation, and be warned of potential solids washouts or process upset by continuously measuring the sludge blanket level.. The probe comes with automatic temperature compensation and position sensor, and must be connected to an sc200 or sc1000 Controller to form a complete system.


  • Reduced Maintenance with Innovative Wiper Design
  • Superior Accuracy with Automatic Frequency Adjustment
  • Unique features
  • Temperature Compensation for Seasonal Changes
  • Visual performance indicator enhances troubleshooting

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Suspended Solid Sensors/Turbidity Sensor

Measures online suspended solids in aggressive or corrosive environments. Constructed of titanium to perform in the most extreme applications. Measures both online suspended solids and turbidity in one instrument. Includes bubble and temperature compensation software for a more accurate measurement. Connects directly to all Hach sc controllers for immediate use. Probes are available as tank probes and for inline installation.


  • Unique Multi-Beam Pulsed Infrared Light System
  • Automatic Compensation for Air Bubbles and Temperature Swings for Accuracy
  • Standard Compliant and Precise - Ease of Calibration
  • The Only Titanium Suspended Solids Probe in the Market Designed for the Most Difficult Environments

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Conductivity Sensors

PEEK, Convertible Mounting Style, 6m (20ft) Analog Cable, Electrodeless Conductivity Sensor, includes 6120800 Digital Gateway for Connecting to sc Controller and a 6122400 1m (3ft) Digital Extension Cable


  • Wide Measuring Range
  • Low Maintenance Design
  • Versatile Mounting Styles
  • Principal of Operation
  • Withstands Harsh Environments

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Ozone Sensors

Hach Orbisphere C1100 Ozone sensor, titanium, up to 100 bar

This sensor provides a real zero & a traceable calibration certificate and guarantees the capability of measurement below 1 ppb.

The Orbisphere C1100 has the lowest drift and requests less than 2 instances of maintenance/calibration per year. The instrument provides drift-free and accurate measurements due to true zero reading. The unique platinum guard ring technology prevents false signals arising from the electrolyte.

The C1100 ozone sensor has a unique air calibration feature that offers operators a quick and easy method to calibrate without requiring an external standard. Air calibration provides an accuracy of ±5 % (achieving better than ±1 % against an ozone standard of known concentration). The Orbisphere C1100 is the only sensor that provides such certified high accuracy!

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