Selection and installation of a kinetic LAL system can be a time-consuming and complicated endeavor. Charles River offers two options of readers and provides extensive technical support during the selection process. The benefits of quantitative results and high test throughput make the decision to go with a kinetic option a popular choice among LAL laboratories.

The Microplate Readers that we offer are compact, multi-use spectrophotometers that provide superior temperature uniformity, excellent optical performance, and a three-year warranty. These readers, manufactured by TecanTM and Bio-Tek®, world leaders in diagnostic equipment, are capable of running kinetic and end-point LAL assays, as well as general applications such as ELISAs. Charles River provides technical support for our plate readers, including on-site annual calibration with a service contract agreement and on-site user training.

Our Endosafe Temperature Logger (ETL) is used to validate temperature uniformity in incubating microplate readers by using a calibration plate equipped with five embedded temperature sensors to provide meaningful temperature distribution, variability, and accuracy. The ETL replaces the cumbersome method of attaching thermocouples to microplate wells.


Additionally, with the ETL, the reader drawer can be closed for more precise readings. Advantages of the ETL are:

  • Five embedded temperature sensors measure temperature distribution
  • Sensor accuracy to +/- 0.1 °C
  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines
  • Multiple interface capabilities, including RS232 and USB
  • Effective with Tecan and BioTek plate reader
  • The ETL package includes a temperature uniformity microplate, interface connections, software operating manuals, and a certificate of calibration.


Accurate, intuitive data analysis is an important part of a kinetic endotoxin detection program. Charles River offers two software packages designed to increase the efficiency and the compliance of the testing program in your lab:

EndoScan-V™ is an endotoxin measuring software that is compatible with a variety of plate readers. It has been verified and validated to be consistent with FDA requirements and performs requisite calculations and batch reports for product release. For added protection, it generates secure data files and audit trails on all actions involving test data.


The program was designed with flexible configuration capabilities with networking and performance options for gaining operational efficiencies. EndoScan-V™ offers:

  • Click and drag functions for fast and easy template set up
  • User-defined database selection of validated test parameters
  • Help section with regulations, user manual, and published endotoxin limits
  • Flexible exporting function
  • Enhanced security features
  • Translation in English, French, and German

Endosafe® Microtrend is a database trending software specific for LAL testing. It has a comprehensive tracking and trending tool that leverages the power of Structured Query Language (SQL). Mictrotrend works in conjunction with EndoScan-V to organize and analyze data using simple and/or complex queries to track and trend LAL test data. Microtrend can be tailored to meet a range of objectives, including displaying illustrated results across a network to facilitate an in-depth review of available data. Microtrend can:

  • Compile, organize and analyze historical LAL testing data
  • Eliminate entering data into a spreadsheet for further analysis
  • Allow viewing of imported data over a period of time to observe trends in production
  • Monitor results at the system or subsystem level for detailed analysis
  • Monitor proficiency of analysts