Endotoxin testing with our kinetic chromogenic (KCA) LAL is a preferred choice by many due to the ease of use and stability of the reagent. Our optimized KCA formulation provides increased sensitivity, greater linearity, and superior interference-resistance, all of which make testing easy.

A kinetic assay, Endochrome-K™ provides quantitative endotoxin values in about an hour. A colorless substrate and LAL are co-lyophilized into a single, stable reagent offering unique stability when stored at -20°C. Reconstituted LAL allows for extended bench time and reuse.

Endochrome-K™ is available in a kit format or in bulk packaging.


The gel-clot assay is a simple qualitative method best used for low-volume laboratories. Charles River's lysate features a firm gel over a wide range of sensitivities as the buffered reagent provides better interference resistance for routine testing.

Endosafe® Rapid LAL Single Test Vials are used for routine endotoxin detection in research samples, renal dialysis process water, and dialysate solutions and provide a simple, self-contained option for these settings.

End-point chromogenic reagent is a non-kinetic LAL assay that yields quantitative results quickly over a narrow standard curve range, without the need for an incubating plate reader.

For many applications, the Endosafe®-PTS™ offers advantages of speed and convenience to the end-point user.


Are you testing more than 10 samples a week using the qualitative gel-clot method?

With a turbidimetric kinetic LAL method, you can get quantitative results and higher throughput in the same amount of time it takes to run a gel-clot assay.

Kinetic Turbidimetric (KTA) LAL provides quantitative endotoxin values when used with a microplate reader and endotoxin-measuring software.

Charles River offers KTA, our traditional KTA reagent, and our second generation reagent, KTA2. Both reagents are buffered to provide significant interference-resistance properties and are FDA-licensed for use in product release testing. KTA2 is formulated to offer faster reaction times and has a wider standard curve range (0.001-50 EU/mL) than traditional methods.

The superior turbidimetric formulation offers the performance of a kinetic chromogenic LAL at a turbidimetric reagent price.


We understand that you need to achieve consistent LAL results that are free from contamination and interference by uncontrolled accessories. Charles River can help you avoid this common problem by supplying you with all the necessary accessory products required to run an LAL test, complete with certificates of quality certifying appropriate endotoxin levels.


Additional LAL testing accessory products include:

  • Endotoxin-free test tubes
  • Eppendorf™ pipette tips
  • 96-well polystyrene plates certified to 0.05 EU/mL and 0.005 EU/mL
  • Validated PETG bottles for LAL sampling