• DIFF scattergram of the hematology analyzer’s differentiates WBCs into 4 parts and also provides valuable parameters  like HFC*, IMG* InR* and Abnormal Flags such as  Left shift, NRBC, PLT Clump, Atypical Lymphocyte.
  • IMG*(#, %) provide information about the presence of immature granulocytes, if any, including promyelocytes, myelocytes, metamyelocytes, immature eosinophils and immature basophils. HFC*(#, %) parameters alert the user of the presence of high fluorescent cell population, if any, such as blasts and atypical lymphocytes.
  • Basophils are counted in a dedicated channel that detects information about cell volume and cellular complexity. This provides more accurate and reliable basophil results.

Technical Specifications:


SF Cube cell analysis technology for WBC, 5-Part diff, NRBC, RET and PLT-O Focusing Flow-DC method for RBC and PLT Cyanide free hemoglobin measurement


  • 33 reportable parameters(whole blood): WBC, Lym%, Mon%, Neu%, Bas%,Eos%, Lym#, Mon#, Neu#, Eos#, Bas#; RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC,RDW-CV, RDW-SD, RET%, RET#, IRF, LFR, MFR, HFR, NRBC#, NRBC%; PLT,MPV, PDW, PCT, P-LCR, P-LCC
  • 14 research parameters(whole blood): HFC#, HFC%, IMG#, IMG%, WBC-R,WBC-D, WBC-B, WBC-N,RBC-O, PLT-O, PLT-I, PDW-SD, InR#, InR‰
  • 7 reportable parameters (body fluid)*: WBC-BF, TC-BF#, MN#, MN%, PMN#,PMN%, RBC-BF
  • 5 research parameters (body fluid)*: Eos-BF#, Eos-BF%, HF-BF#, HF-BF%, RBC-BF
  • 2 histograms for RBC and PLT
  • 3 scattergrams (3D) for DIFF, NRBC and RET
  • 6 scattergrams (2D) for DIFF, BASO, NRBC, RET, RET-EXT, PLT-O

Sample Volume:

  • Predilute mode (capillary blood), Open vial 40μL
  • Manual mode (whole blood), Open vial 150μL
  • Autoloader mode (whole blood), Closed vial 200μL
  • Manual mode (body fluid), Open vial 150μL


  • Up to 125 samples per hour (CBC+DIFF)
  • Up to 90 samples per hour (CBC+DIFF+RET)
  • Up to 40 samples per hour (body fluid)

Loading capacity: Up to 100 sample tubes

Data storage capacity: Up to 100,000 patient results including all numeric and graphical information

CE Certified.