• Laser Light scatter and chemical dye method
  • Reliable and Economical semi-conductor as light source for flow cytometry system with chemical dye reagents treatment.
  • Dual acceleration Flow cell system
  • Dual acceleration flow cell system ensures more stable and single cell flow, which allow for accurate Measurement via laser scatter.
  • Flexible and Convenient
  • Customizable, versatile and powerful operation software, troubleshooting with just one press of a button, no daily mantainance, STAT samples can be inserted randomly.
  • Dedicated Basophil Channel ensures high reliability.
  • CBC Monitor –EQA Program
  • Cost –effective and accurate
  • Only 4 reagents for routine sampling including Diluent, LEOI Lyse, LEO II Lyse.LBA, LH, probe cleanser.
  • Combination of advanced technology and Comprehensive quality assurance.

Technical specification:

  • Impedance method for WBC,RBC,PLT counting Cyanide-Free reagent for Hemoglobin test Flow Cytometry (FCM) + Laser light scatter+ chemical dye method for WBC Differential analysis and WBC counting.

29 Parameters

  • WBC,Lym%,Mon%,Neu%,Eos%,Baso%,Lym#,Mon#,Neu#,Eos#,Bas#,RBC,HBG,HCT,MCV,MCHC, RDW-SD,PLT,MPV,PDW,PCT,PLCR, PLCC, 4 research parameters includes LIC%.LIC#,ALY%,ALY#.
  • 2Histograms for RBC and PLT and 2 scatter gram, 4 Differential scatter gram, Basophil Scattergram

Throughput: Up to 90 samples per hour

Sample Volume Prediluted:  40 µl

CE Certified.